Carnivorious plants

I currently have the following plants :
Drosera Capensis, Drosera Capensis 'Alba', Drosera Binata, Drosera Adelae, Drosera Aliciae,
Sarracenia Hybride, Sarracenia Flava, Sarracenia Primuliflora, Sarracenia rubra, Sarracenia Psittacina
Nepenthes rafflesiaraXampularia, Nepenthes Coccinea
Pinguicula weser, Pinguicula Primuliflora
Dionaea muscipula

Click here to see the pictures I took last August (1998)

Below some images from Cresco and the Hortus in Amsterdam

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Nepenthes Carnivorous mix Pinguicula Many Mutated Dionaea Sarracenia

Hortus Mars & Rik

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