Links to project related subjects

Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence Journals
Complex Adaptive Systems and Artificial Life
Start natural Language Question Answering System
Ant modelling

Neural Networks:

Neurale netwerken voor beginners
Neuraal Netwerk demonstratie + source code
Neuraal Netwerk developerlinks
Neurale Netwerken links
Web Applets for Interactive Tutorials on Artificial Neural Learning


Robbie '98
MIT AI ants
CIRG Robots
Havard Robots


MVC model
Design Patterns
Java Native Interface

Adaptive systems:

Erols CAS
Erols CASpp4
Erols OO_MJ4
Agilis corp.
About oocl
Trio of object modelling
Object modelling links
Chaos, Complexity, and Everything Else -- Take 2


Intelligent Agents and Conceptual Modelling
A Taxonomy for Autonomous Agents
Agent-Based Engineering, the Web, and Intelligence
KQML as an Agent Communication Language
The Open Agent Architecture
The Multi-Agent Systems Laboratory

Knowledge base:

Expert systems interest group FAQ
Research activities in the OLP-FOL Knowledge Base project
Logic Programming and Intelligent Systems (LPIS) Group

Expert system:

Jess - the Java Expert System Shell

Inference engine:

Inference engine
Expert Systems Skills Guide
Agent generator